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About Us

Our Mission

To model the love of Jesus to hurting communities who deserve freedom from negative cycles.

Our Vision

We imagine communities set free from cycles, through love, consistency, and oneness.

In 2010, it all started with a block party in the Wallace Woods community in East Charlotte, NC.

The Abandon Project initially began as an informal Wednesday night program at a local church in East Charlotte. In January of 2012, The Abandon Project founder, Josh Meadows, was invited to speak at this Wednesday night program. During his visit, Josh envisioned a new mission for this community. After that night, it was within a month that Josh Meadows formally established The Abandon Project and took the lead over the Wednesday night program at Garr Church.

Since early 2013, Josh has mobilized volunteers, provided food for hundreds of children each week, and worked to create an atmosphere of hope, encouragement, and love. Since that time, Josh and his wife, Jenny, have moved into the area to serve the community more intentionally and intimately. Josh believes that he had a unique and personal calling to start The Abandon Project because he grew up without the guidance of his father. Now, Josh gets to see his shattered dreams and his own pain be transformed into an organization that is devoted to providing assistance for fatherless children and broken families in his community.

Now, the Abandon Project has lost the space at Garr Church because the property has been sold. This unexpected event is beginning to transform The Abandon Project’s programming to become more intentional and effective. We will continue to strive to expand our programs and offerings to the community to increase the opportunities for economic mobility. We’re committed to focusing our programming on health and wellness, spiritual growth, college readiness and facilitating work experience.

Our Team

The Abandon Project’s dedicated staff members

Josh Meadows

 Josh Meadows

Founder & Executive Director

He has a strong passion to see our often forgotten neighbors, live a meaningful story.  Josh loves making connections in the community and has a passion for social entrepreneurship.  In his spare time, Josh loves hanging with his wife Jenny, playing sports, and looking for the next adventure.


Jenny Meadows

Jenny Meadows

Health Initiative Director

Jenny serves as the Program Manager for the health initiative at The Abandon Project. She currently develops curriculum and programming for the initiative.

She is presently working towards her Master of Science in Human Nutrition. Her hope is to provide our community with the necessary health education and resources to lead abundant and healthy lives. She has a deep passion to see our community thrive, in the same way, she would want to see her own family thrive. Her vision for the health initiative is that there would be a sustainable change in our community and a deeper understanding of holistic health and wellness.


Cat Jones

Cathy Jones

Associate Director

Cat is the GLUE of the Abandon Project.  She holds all of us together and is our organizational “momma bear”.

She has a huge heart for young adults and helping them live meaningful and intentional lives, and is working towards launching our options program.  Cat is married to Chris and has 3 beautiful kids, Khalil, Jacob, and Genesis.


TJ Keeter

TJ Keeter

Sports Outreach Director

TJ serves as the Head of Sports Programming and as a Community Outreach Advocate for The Abandon Project. He facilitates the basketball ministry as well as helping with and supporting other community initiatives.  

TJ has served as a volunteer with The Abandon Project since January of 2016. He began volunteering while he was studying Africana Studies and Sociology at UNC Charlotte. His hope is to provide a safe space for children to grow their love of sport, but also to use sports as a way to grow and expand life skills. TJ has a passion to see the kids he serves become leaders in their community and to build meaningful relationships in the community.

Board of Directors

We would like to thank all of our passionate Board members. We could not do it without your support!

Josh Meadows

CEO and Founder of
The Abandon Project, Inc. 

Tony Quatrini

Board Chairman

Kristen Eskew

Board Member

Taylor Oswald

Board Member

Keena Gehringer

Board Member

Josh Bush

Board Member

Dominique Sensabaugh

Board Member

Neshel  Cook-Jenkins

Board Member

Mike Rose

Board Member

Without the assistance of community-minded individuals just like you, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in our community each year. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work.